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Session NameSpeaker Name
Newcomers 2019Redish, Traci
A Letter to Lucy: How I’m Transforming Today for your TomorrowMagiera, Jennie
Minecraft ManiaGauthia, Stephanie
Design Thinking – Teaching Students to Create SolutionsAfdahl, Mike
Artificial Intelligence and Student AchievementPaul, Sandra
BE A VOICE, NOT THE ECHO!! – 7 ways to supercharge your leadership arsenalHawkins, John
Creating Interactive Content for your StudentsWest, Mary Ellen
Augment My Reality:  An Introduction to Augmented Reality Creation Tools for Students and TeachersCowan, Fe
Transforming Your School with Coding Robots: The BasicsFrancis, Alison
Immersive Experiences: Using AR and VR in the LibraryBongiorno, Martha
Empowering Students to Lead with TechnologyLee, Lin-Chiou
I Like Book Clubs I Can Not LieAmolo, Sharon
The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Primary SourcesGunter, Kim
Give Your Students a Voice! Integrating FlipGrid in the ClassroomAultman, Emy
iPads for Student Voice in Special Education ClassesCooper, Jessica
Twitter Power: Using Tweets to Amplify Best Practices and Connect with a Global PLNCharest, Heather
VR is Visceral: Ready Player One-To-WorldDembo, Steve
Plunge into Graphic Design for EducatorsVincent, Tony
Getting to Know the ISTE Standards for StudentsTerral, Wanda
Apple Lovers DelightLockhart, David
I’ve Used Mandated Technology, Now What?Gray, Temaria
Sketchnoting with StudentsBarber, Robbie
Coaching K-12 Teachers on the Super Power of Technology IntegrationGordon, Niki
I Didn’t Know We Could Do That! Hacks for Teaching and Learning with Microsoft OfficeLolley, Suzy
Cybersecurity Threats to Education:  Tools to help prevent a breachCassidy, Colin
Transform Teaching with Google FormsGertz, Max
#PodcastEndGameKempson, Nicole
“Oh, the places we will go with . . . Google Cardboard and Tour Creator!”Thompson, Robin
“We don’t need no stinking badges”, but wait…we really LOVE stinking badges!Jeselnik, Gena
AT and Transition for Students with High Incidence DisabilitiesSatterfield, Jr., Richard “Ben”
Hey Alexa, Would You Like to Help Me Teach?Daniel Davis, Julie
Digitally YOURS! : Tech Tools for Positive Portfolios & Personal LearningGault, Gretchen
Use the Tech Tools You Have to Manage Your Time, Boost Your Creativity and Become an Overall Bada$$Voltz, Spring
Using Podcasts to Find Student Voice & AdvocateFoster, Anita
Making MakerSpaces Make Sense: Engaging Tools,Project Pathways, Engineering Design Steps, and BadgesNelson, Mary
Pairing Google Slides with Peardeck for Student Engagement and Vocabulary AcquisitionSalomon, Kari
Let’s Bring Literacy To Life Through Making and Technology!Miller, Shannon McClintock
Building a Digital Bridge:  Connecting students through Skype and OneNoteCervone, Jana
Encouraging Empathetic Entrepreneurs Using Design Thinking and Microsoft TeamsHeflin, Emily
Alexa, Help Me Use AI to Enhance LearningDembo, Steve
Animate Learning with GIFsVincent, Tony
Sketchnoting: Techniques for Visual NotetakingTerral, Wanda
Amplifying Student Voice through Social MediaMagiera, Jennie
Google You Might Not Know About (Complete With Tips and Tricks)Fisher, Leslie
Transform Student Presentations with Minecraft, Mixed Reality, Morph, and More!Herlihy, Kristy
No More Paper Cuts: Creating a paperless yet challenging and efficient learning environmentFew, LuTongel
Facilitating Opportunities to Grow: Creative, Critical, and CollaborativeBaylen, Danilo
So…You Think You Can Dance Like a Technology CoachPrather, Whitney
Microsoft Teams: Ultimate Classroom Collaboration ToolRamon, Mindy
Addressing the Opportunity Myth: Is the Average Student Proficient?Jones, Lloyd
It’s All About (The) Google ClassroomHall, Jennifer
Adding Spark to Differentiation through TechnologyLapinsky, Alicia
1-to-1 Deathtraps- Things That Will Kill a 1-to-1 Program and How to Avoid ThemTompkins, Joe
Oh the Pass”abilities” – Hallpasses Gone DigitalHall, Amy
A K-12 Approach to Computer Science Education in a Rural DistrictRehberg, Erin
The New Digital Framework: How to Effectively Store, Secure, and Leverage Your Data to Produce MeasuBain, Jonathan
Technology Tools for a Math ClassroomAfdahl, Mike
The Secret’s out, Google’s got more for K-12 teachers and students!Gilbert, Juli
Stop, Collaborate and Create: Innovative Digital Creation ToolsClark, Eden
Media Specialist Teacher Collaboration Using Mobile MakerSpace CartsLewis, Denise
Taking Control of Your own Professional LearningCole, Jennifer
Ready Reader One: Promoting Literacy Through GPB’s Virtual and Augmented Reality Learning JourneysFarr, Dana
25 Best Websites & Apps That Rocked In 2019!Miller, Shannon McClintock
OneNote: The Digital Binder You Didn’t Know You Needednorman, randy
Making to Serve: Challenges for the Head, Hands, and HeartMcBride, Kris
Create Learning Activities with Google DrawingsVincent, Tony
iPads, More Than Just Apps- Unleash Student CreativityBrown, Patricia
Leveraging Tech Tools to Save TimeTerral, Wanda
Moving Beyond Genius Hour: All day choice and voiceMagiera, Jennie
Creating Your Own Google ExpeditionsFisher, Leslie
Virtual Reality is More Than Meets The EYEHooker, Carl
Boost “Creative Confidence” with Design Thinking!Maddox, Helen
Podcasting 101: Learn by DoingBoyle, Andy
Leading From the Middle: Effective Coaching PracticesAvera, Aaron
Microsoft Forms to the Rescue!Williams, Marissa
SOS-Engagement and Instruction Tied The Knot!Jackson, Quinae
Get Real! 10 Easy Ways to Integrate & Engage your Students with Virtual Reality Today!Marie Carrier, Ann
Can you see it? Tech tools and visible thinkingTurner, Debbie
Designing a County-Wide Digital Citizenship Plan: Updates and ImprovementsDeuschle, Kristen
Using SMART Learning Suite software to meet and exceed learning outcomes (with or without a SMARTboaTerrell, Joey
Good Tech Gone Bad: Tips for Handling Technology Misuse in the ClassroomEber, Alison
App MashUp: Implement Exciting Student Projects with an iPad, Google Earth, Seesaw and your Camera!Anschutz, Terri
Dynamic Duos: Effective Collaboration between Media Specialists and Tech CoachesLolley, Suzy
Beyond the Books: Creating Meaningful MakerspacesHawlk, Hannah
Makerspaces in Action with Students and TeachersSherman, Ashley
More than a Device: Using Technology to Build CommunityLee, Patti
Lead From The Library With Creative Branding and MarketingMiller, Shannon McClintock
Stop Motion in the Elementary ClassroomKoch, Maria
The Wild GooseChase You’ll Want to Take: Engage with Digital Scavenger HuntsParish, Jena
The Viral Video Effect: Even More Storytelling for the YouTube Generation!Dembo, Steve
Student engagement is a must! Tired of boring PowerPoint slides?Brown, Patricia
Be as Curious as BumblebeeHooker, Carl
Challenge Based Coaching: Getting every teacher to innovateMagiera, Jennie
Tools You Can Use TomorrowFisher, Leslie
Rethinking Relationships: Leveraging Technology for a Culturally Responsive ClassroomMorgan, Patricia
Instructional Technology Certification in Georgia!Redish, Traci
Let it Snow! Implementing Online Learning DaysDeRose, Brian
Connecting with the Unconnected: Leveraging Innovative Means of CommunicationHarwell, Melanie
Make Learning Accessible For All: Microsoft Tools that Engage and EmpowerQueen, Candace
Georgia K-12 CTO – CoSN Business MeetingDenman, Amy
Roll the Dice with Pop Culture in the Lit ClassroomJackson, Jessica
1:1 with Chromebooks, Now What? – Chromebook Tips for Students and TeachersMcDonald, Shirley
Coaching: How to Get Your Foot in the DoorVaughn, Karleen
Merging the Best in Blended Learning with Data Driven InstructionGenerally, Jason
Creating EdTech Teams for your Classroom, School, or DistrictBagby, Greg
Becoming a Ninja G.O.A.T: Gamified learning with ClasscraftEttzevoglou, Nathalie
Fun with Geometry!Ray, Bethany
Librarian Level Up: Benefits of Becoming a Google Certified EducatorMITCHELL, MALENA
Make It Happen with MakerSpaces in the Media CenterNase, Jo
Digital Citizenship Through Design Thinking? Yes! And Here’s How…Denham, Leeann
Transform your Classroom with Microsoft Accessibility ToolsCouch, Janelle
Transforming Your Classroom with the iTunes U PlatformFlicker, Lisa
Take learning from Meh to WOW: Merge Cubes and CoSpacesKilkenny, Kathryn
Unleash Your Coaching Super Powers with OneNoteRamon, Mindy
So You Think You’re Smarter than an EDtech Nerd?Dembo, Steve
Amplify and Democratize student voice in the modern classroom using Video!Brown, Patricia
Get Energon For Your Brain (and Body)Hooker, Carl
All About The RocketbookFisher, Leslie
KSU Meet & Greet 2019Redish, Traci
Powerful Data Dashboards for Coaching: Google Data Studio is Here!Evans, Justin
PD While You PPSaine, Jennifer
Your Classroom: “More than Meets the Eye”.Use Google Tour Creator & Apps to Bring a Review Together.Beaver, Daisy
1:1 for 5+ Years, Now What?McLymore, Tiffany
Sharing at all levels: Using Google Shared Drives for more than storageDuncan, Keri
Leveraging Digital Tools in US History and ELA: Creating Images for Historical and Literary AnalysisPowell, Cathy
The Ripple Effect: Creating Waves of ChangeGertz, Barri
Optimizing Instruction for Digital Learning DaysWaymack, Matt
Personalized Learning: Fostering Student Agency through the use of  Digital PathwaysGarrett, Francene
Student Writing in the Digital WorldPiersol, Dru
Tome Student Literacy Society: Encouraging Reading and Integrating Technology in your Media Center.Dirr, Katie
Real Media Specialists of South MetroBaker, Allison
Expanding ebook access with e-Read Kids & your public libraryCornelisen, Wendy
Technology can ASSIST everyone:  Tips and tools for using assistive tech tools in the classroomBrown, Zena
Take a virtual field trip with Google Tour BuilderKalista, Megan
Technology for the Early Learner:  Building a STEAM ClassroomSwann, Britni
iTeach OnDemandRome, Hannah
Ga Rising Star Educator – Featured SessionNipper, Becky
Stellar Ideas for Physical and Digital Learning SpacesVincent, Tony
Augmented Reality! Experience, Explore & Create!Brown, Patricia
Tools to TRANSFORM Learning In Your ClassroomHooker, Carl
Technology Tools for Differentiation in Teaching and Learning in Science: A Collaborative ApproachMcKinnon-Gary, Nerissa
Creative Digital Projects Across the Curriculum and the Competition Your Students Can Enter Them InRanasinghe, Nancy
Paperless Homework Made EasyHogue, Kandi
Want to Live Broadcast Your School News Station? YouTube to the Rescue!Mitchell, Joey
What is sustained professional development?Endicott, Megan
Choose Your Own Adventure: Flexible Pacing and Small Group InstructionMcCall, Ashley
The Wonders of Wakelet – A Beginners Guide for the ClassroomBowden, Molly
“Optimize” & “Prime” Your Classroom AssessmentsMedley, Nathan
Anchors Aweigh! Navigating a Digital Ocean in Search of Global CompetencyWagener, Phil
If they Build it, They will Learn!: Engineering Fun with Middle SchoolersBarber, Meg
The Teacher in the Mirror:  The Benefits of Taking a Teaching SelfieDeRose, Kimberly
Innovative LeadershipJoseph, Matthew
Transforming Your MakerspaceGertz, Barri
Nearpod: Promoting Independence and Student Agency in the Primary ClassroomReeves, Mandy
Novel Engineering: Building STEM Skills Through LiteratureRubin, Amy
STEMify Your Learning Commons: Our Experiences in the HS LibraryZonin, Melissa
2019 GLMA Exemplary Library Media ProgramsJohnson, Cristi
Assistive Technology: Transforming our Students into Independent Learners with TechnologyBramblett, Kelly
You Have What It Takes To Be A Future Ready Librarian!Miller, Shannon McClintock
Using Video as a Springboard for WritingBeaudrie, Bethany
Why your students need podcasting: How to do it Fast and FreeCote, Thomas
Ga Rising Star Educator – Featured SessionPlummer, Kris
Electrify Any LessonVincent, Tony
Get Rid of Testing! Instead, Let’s Celebrate Learning!Brown, Patricia
Overcoming the Fear and Shockwave of TechnologyHooker, Carl
Leverage Google Forms for Feedback and DifferentiationCunningham, Benton
Leadership KeynoteDembo, Steve
Teaching Artificial Intelligence with Cozmo RobotsDeGennaro, April
Unlocking the Potential of Virtual Reality in the ClassroomHoisington, Corinne
From Podcast to PD: A flipped Approach to PD & Coaching with PodcastingDurrah, Tamika
Digital Breakout with OneNoteMcGee, Lynn
Creating Conversation Skills and a Student-Centered Classroom: Tech Tools and Instruction StrategiesBoyd, Lisa
Classroom Tools: Low Tech Options for Non-1:1 SchoolsNichols, Brandy
Assessment Windows: Building Student Voice and Choice in AssessmentsWatson, Tamara
The Value of Video Games: Using Interactive Media (Video Games) in ELA ClassesHarmon, Brian
Lean In and Lead with a Maker Mindset: Incorporating MakerEd into your LeadershipSTEPHENS, STEPHANEE
Dynamic Duo of Inventory ControlBurroughs, Kristin
Let’s get Personal! Digital Tools for the struggling StudentGonsalves, LaSchunn
Transforming Student Learning with Google Tour BuilderDrake, Erika
Play with a Purpose: How to Make “Making” an Integral Part of the Media CenterRubin, Amy
Tinker.Tweet.ReadMellina, Jennifer
Working Smarter, Not Harder with G Suite Productivity ToolsBolhuis, Ge-Anne
Digital Tools for Today’s Classroom: Increasing Student Engagement Using SwayBell, Kiyana
Collaboration: The Librarians Superpower!Miller, Shannon McClintock
Read Woke 2 Tech Woke: Literacy and Technology in the 21st CenturyClarke, Jennifer
Global Collaboration- breaking down the four walls!Oakhill, Erica
Ga Rising Star Educator – Featured SessionMartin, Lindsey
Practical Pointers for YouTubeVincent, Tony
Let’s Get Connected! Twitter Made Easy for EducatorsBrown, Patricia
Ed Tech Lip Sync BattleHooker, Carl
Top 10 Secrets of an Awesome Tech CoachBell, Kasey
Mathfolios: Creating Digital Math PortfoliosGibbs, Dana
Reading tech tips for students with disabilitiesTurner, Debbie
Somethin’ to Tech About – Podcast & BlogLaPlante, Angela
The View from Here: Writing for VR and ARStillerman, Mary Ann
Making Science Real (FUN!) with Science Journal by GoogleBrumback, Larry
Minecraft Education Edition: Tools to Introduce or Reinforce ANY Course ConceptsOravetz, Cathy
Let’s Talk Sphero RobotsWhite, Richard
Transforming PD from Semi-truck to Optimus PrimeHarwell, Melanie
Online Learning for ALLFuller, Ryan
The Logistics of Authentic Learning: How to Use Google Apps to Plan & Execute Personalized LearningBailey, Kathryn
Let Your Class Flow with ClassFlow: Using ClassFlow to Create an Interactive ClassroomCrawford, Ashley
Preparing Students to be Innovators – Are we preparing students to be innovators or imitators?Tate, Gail
Learning Stations in Secondary Media Centers: Yes You Can!McGovern, Lori
Not Your Grandmother’s Library Media CenterThompson, Sabrina
Change in the Media Center: Becoming a Future Ready LibraryCanavan, Jennifer
K-2 Writing using Google ApplicationsHart, Noel
Giving Students a Voice Through Social Media, Technology, and Opportunities!Miller, Shannon McClintock
Capturing Learning: Tools for Teacher and Student Video Creation and EditingPlummer, Kris
Transform Your Workflow with Mail Merge, Forms, and ExcelAnantaraman, LeAnna
Ga Rising Star Educator – Featured SessionPadgett, Christian
Stop-Motion Animation with Google SlidesTerral, Wanda
A Little “Bit” Crazy: Bitmojis in the ClassroomHarrison, Emily
Going Rogue With MicrosoftFisher, Leslie
Confessions of a Bad TeacherBell, Kasey
Formative Assessment Classroom Techniques (FACTS) for the Math ClassroomKelly, Nancy
Building a culture of innovation with 1:1 technologyWinter, Clint
The Reality of CoachingLee, Lin-Chiou
Open Up Learning with OER and CK-12Morin, Heather
Understanding and Getting Students Ready for Georgia’s Online Testing ProgramsBlessing, Joseph
#TECHtalkGA Live: EdTech Transformers – More than Meets the EyeBurgess, Angela
Coding Literacy with Scratch and Makey MakeyPeek, Nisa
Teach Outside the Box with Digital tools in every K-5 classroom!Nelson, Jennifer
Transform your Classroom Instruction with Video: Using Screencastify, Edpuzzle, and FlipgridTucker, Lee
#GAMEOnAdmin: Become a Google Administrator Model EducatorAnderson, Eujon
App Smashing: Design Challenges for Building Powerful LessonsJefferson, Tyrone
Making Virtual Reality a Reality in Your ClassroomKegler, Lachelle
Minecraft EDU and Paint3D Creations for “Littles.” (K-2)Berry, Jim
Quest for the Kingdom… A School Wide Challenge to Excite Your Students About Reading!Dickinson, Linda
Integrating Content Standards and Literacy: Reading, Writing, and Doing!Livingston, Tracie
Libraries Transform: Library Media Specialists of the Year 2019Cope, Wendy
T-N-T  Tools in Technology to Ignite SWD & ESOL Students’ LearningGillard, Susan
Using Inquiry in your Literacy Block in a Personalized Learning ClassroomPotts, Jerri
Digital Storytelling with Storyboard That!Crocker, Jenelle
The Green Screen, the iPad, and Everything in Between: Student-Driven Photo and Video ProjectsKorell Fuder, Amanda
Ga Rising Star Educator – Featured SessionWest, Mary Ellen
Create Interactive Newsletters with Google SlidesTerral, Wanda
Personalized STATE of Mind: Georgia’s PathSTEPHENS, STEPHANEE
Tips, Tricks and Hidden Stuff in Office 365Fisher, Leslie
Stranger Google! Crazy Tools from the Upside DownBell, Kasey
Technology for the middle and high school classroom:  Using coding to design differentiated conceptsEckman, Felecia
Unleash the prime power of Seesaw! Roll out amazing math instruction in K-5 classrooms.Gore, Jamie
Culture Shock! Shifting Attitudes Towards Tech in Your DistrictDeRose, Brian
There’s A Site For That: Building a Student Resource WebsiteFelker, Brian
Thinking about Technology to support students that struggleGumpman, Paula
Minecraft for the Extreme BeginnerCharest, Heather
Alternative Ways to Check Reading Comprehension in the Classroom Using Technology.Rodgers, Bethany
Google (Assessment) Forms/Sheets – Last One Ever Needed!DeWolf, Chad
Engaging Students with Physical Computing Activities using Scratch 3.0Wilbanks, Lisa
DIY Data Dashboards: Data Visualization for School LeadersWashington, Rosalyn
Calhoun Online Learning AcademyPierson, Monica
IXL: Driving Just-In-Time Instruction in an Active Math ClassroomKing, Kasey
Learn Osmo Today, Use TomorrowBliss, Danielle
Flex Your Students’ Reading Muscles with Technology!Lewis, Jennifer
Bookstagramming: Leveraging Instagram to Connect, Promote, and ReflectBongiorno, Martha
Integration and Outreach Strategies for Media SpecialistGunter, Kim
Building Writing Skills in Minecraft Block by BlockGraham, Frank
GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online and LexilesFulmer, Tera
Building a Better Book Study for Your PL or PLCMadden, Carrie
VR/AR for the Everyday TeacherWagstaff, Miko
Great job! But now what? Personalizing feedback in the 21st century.Stapleton, Trent
Building Data Dashboards Using Google SheetsTerral, Wanda
The New Permanent RecordDembo, Steve
The Microsoft I Did Not Know AboutFisher, Leslie
Podcasting For Free That Actually Works!norman, randy
How to Hyperdoc: Creating and Implementing Hyperdocs in the ClassroomSmith, Monica
Blockchains in EducationWright, Jim
Drive-by Coaching: Managing Essential CoachingMann, Shawnte’
Transform your Teaching by Differentiating with HyperDocsGaines, Erica
Strategic Partnerships: Georgia Virtual and Barrow CountyCopeland, Rich
Give them Megaphones: Using Inquiry Based Learning to Empower Student VoiceArthur, Kate
Revving up the Research Process with Digital ToolsRogers, Leslie
Transform Learning and Raise Student Voice with Video CreationBrooks, Kristen
Technology Trends and OUR Children: Connecting Schools and ParentsNicholson, Jessica
Using Digital Portfolios as a Platform for Metacognitive LearningMoore, Kimberly
Telling Your District’s StoryWinter, Clint
Transforming Learning with ClipsMalmberg, Dominique
Breaking the Language Barrier with IOS Mobile ApplicationsCain, Jabari
Reimagine Your Book Club: Cross-Curricular Collaboration with Tome’s Future Ready Book ClubWalden, Ashley
Inquiry Learning, Differentiation, and Collaboration: Creating an Educational TrifectaNabors, Susan
Lean and Mean 1:1Gunter, Kim
Integrating Technology with Project Based Learning (PBL)Dupree, Yvette
No Department Left Behind- Googly-ness for ALL!Finley, Heather
Recharging Your Batteries: Ways to Stay Mindful in a Challenging ProfessionHamilton, Carrie
The Wonder of WebinarsPrather, Whitney
Infographic 411Hale, Ana
On-line Assistive Technology resources to help students with significant cognitive disabilities accePritchard, Juanita
More Stupid Ideas in Edtech (and Why You Should Totally Do Them)Dembo, Steve
iOS 13Fisher, Leslie
Dear administrator, we’re not just playing a game…we’re analyzing our data!Hogans, Darcel
My Feedback! My Chart!Hiland, Sean
Building Capacity Within Your School/District Through Vanguard Teacher TeamsArrington, Celena
Professional Development Face2Face & OnlineRodgers, Kevin
Track Student Behavior and Effectively Communicate With Parents Through Class DojoHorn, Sharon
Edtech Coaches: Connecting, Learning, and SharingFagin, Leslie
Using Digital Tools to Improve Executive Functioning SkillsRoss, Angela
Going Beyond the Basics of NearpodCorder, Janet
Minecraft: Education Edition. Who? What? When? Where? Why? & How?   Hosted by M:EE Global Mentors!Pence, Jeff
Improving Outcomes: Using Teams to Provide Authentic, Effective FeedbackNewbold, Anthony
1:1, now what?Butera, Kristen
Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself!  (Time-Saving, Anti-Repetition Tools)McNutt, Stephen
Video Games As Texts: Teaching Inquiry Through Game-Based LearningCannon, Will
Coding is Elementary, My Dear! Teaching Coding with Younger StudentsAultman, Emy
Using Apple Classroom with iPads in the K-2 ClassroomWach, Keith
Do This, Not That – Dynamic Learning MakeoversBell, Kasey
It’s Party Time! Celebrating K-2 WritingMacDonald, Megan
If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them: Using Minecraft to Enhance CurriculumMyco, Veja
The Group SmackdownFisher, Leslie
Using Artificial Intelligence in the ClassroomDowney, Steve
Breaking Down Barriers: How Coaches Can Help Teachers Rethink Technology In the ClassroomRogers, Leslie
Inspect What You Expect: Keeping Students Accountable with GoogleLane, Tracy
Transform Your Lectures into Interactive Student Engagements with Pear DeckTucker, Lee
3D Printing 101 – EVERYTHING That You Need to Know To Get StartedFuller, Chris
Transforming Teaching and Learning with Google Geo ToolsRoss, Angela
Break the Language Barrier with Microsoft TranslatorHarper, Dixie
Shhhhhh… Creating ASMR Videos to Lower Student AnxietyWofford, Robin
Measuring What Matters: Deepening Student-Centered Learning Through Competency-Based AssessmentDroke, Brad
Transformative Tweeting & Powerful PinningCassidy, Kelly
Celebrate Creativity by Transforming Student Stories with the Clips Video AppBrooks, Kristen
Gamify and Level-Up Your Classroom CommunityCleary, Leah
Geiger’s Geniuses #GoSynthorGoHomeBeaver, Daisy
Gobs of Google GoodiesTerral, Wanda
Dynamic Learning with G-SuiteBell, Kasey
Keep It STEAM SimpleBeitmen, Glen
Crafting a Class BrandVincent, Tony
Swivl-up to Writing Success: A Robot Camera LaunchMiley, Erin
Gadgets!Fisher, Leslie
Desmos: more than a calculator. Hands-on activities for abstract mathematical concepts.evans, jennifer
Relationships Before Rules: Servant Leadership is TransformationalBolhuis, Ge-Anne
Get it? Got it? Good!  Innovative Assessment StrategiesMcPherson, Chance
Geeking Out on Genius Hour: Quick Tips for Successful ImplementationWilliams, Nadia
3 for 1 Special…featuring Adobe Spark, Sway, and Microsoft PhotosGaines, Joy
Bringing NASA Into Your Classroom (K-8)Searcy, Kati
Do You Have Office Hours? Individual Student Conferencing in the ClassroomMcCracken, Traci
Moving from Emoticons & Exclamation Points to Quality Content: Blogging with StudentsBilyeu, Anna
The Dream Team You’re NOT UsingSchmitt, Clare
Survive to Thrive: Rewiring our brains for better in an epidemically stressed societyHeiss, Rebecca
Bringing Math and Reading Alive with RobotsOcean, Malissa
Using Video & Office365 to Support Blended Learning & the Flipped ClassroomDyer, Joshua
Video is a Snap with These Creation AppsLowery, Carrie
Need help balancing your classroom? Try SeeSawHutchins, Jarron
Digital Notebooking for the Techie Science TeacherJones, Malissa
Using technology to engage and extend students in the classroomBradley, Tonya
Leftovers With LeslieFisher, Leslie
Don’t Be Afraid to Engage- Social Media in the ClassroomFlemming, Quantika
How to Create “How To” Videos and Other Digital ContentHossler, Mark
Jumpstart Learning: Digital Media for Students K-2Mobley, Kimberly
Transform Your Classroom With Minecraft Education EditionAlicea, Monica
Be Dynamic and Shake Up LearningBell, Kasey