Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson is a leading educational expert, author, and one of the premier motivational speakers in the educational arena. Years ago, Jeremy experienced many challenges such as a drug and alcohol abuse, repeated failure in school, a diagnosis of ADHD, and the absence of his biological father. Fortunately, Jeremy’s story didn’t end there. During his third attempt at the ninth grade, Jeremy came across a group of educators who refused to give up on him. He eventually caught up with his right grade, received his high school diploma, and obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Today, Jeremy is the published author of seven books and has been privileged to travel across the globe with his motivational speaking and training. Jeremy is the CEO of the Jeremy Anderson group, LLC, which is an Educational Consulting Firm. His wife, Traci, is the president of their nonprofit Next Level Living, Inc. Jeremy, his wife Traci, and their two children Jaxon and Jewel, live happily in Atlanta, Georgia.

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