Exhibitor INFO

All the info you need to exhibit at Georgia Educational Technology Conference

2020 VIRTUAL Exhibit Hall Schedule

Thursday, November 12

3:30 – 9:00 PM – Exhibit Hall Open

Friday , November 13

9:00am – 4:30pm – Exhibit Hall Open

Saturday, November 14

10:00 AM – 2:30pm – Exhibit Hall Open

Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

How will vendors gain access to create their booth?
  • Registered vendors will be provided unique log-ins and passwords for the GaETC Connect
    tenant/environment from which the conference will be run.
  • Each vendor will be given a “channel” in the Exhibit Hall team.
  • Vendors will be given access to the Exhibit Hall team on October 9.*

* Please note that this date is subject to change.

What will vendors be able to include in their virtual booth?
  • Vendors will be able to include a wide variety of items in their virtual booth.
  • Each vendor channel will contain a FILES tab that allows different file types to be uploaded including
    PDFs, video and/or audio files, etc.
  • Vendors will have the ability to add additional tabs at the top of their channel for various purposes – links to websites or forms, specific files, etc. There will be flexibility for personalization.
How will vendors be able to set up chat and/or meetings with attendees?
  • One stand-alone meeting will be created for the vendor to use for the entire day. The link will be available for vendors to share in their channel and will be shared with attendees.
  • It is recommended that at least one member of the vendor team be available in the meeting during all
    designated Exhibit Hall hours.
  • Participants will be able to join your meeting by visiting your channel. (Additional methods of joining your meeting may be offered as well.)
  • Vendors and attendees will be able to chat/collaborate through the meeting directly (by video and/or
    meeting chat). They will also be able to collaborate in the CONVERSATION tab of the channel.
  • Vendors will be able to share their screen to demonstrate their product or service or share information from files or the Internet.
What if our organization is not familiar with Teams?
  • Vendor specific training will be provided prior to the conference.
  • Resources will be available to support and/or answer questions about channel personalization.
What if I have additional questions?

Email Connie Bond, GaETC Connect Exhibits and Tradeshow Manager at cbond@gaetc.org.