Jennie Magiera

Jennie will present sessions on Wednesday. Read about the sessions below.

“Amplifying Student Voice through Social Media (breakout session)”

Learn how to harness social media tools to amplify student voices and empower them to share their thinking with the world. In this session we will explore how to scaffold social media use and show students how to use it for good and not evil. From school-wide movements to classroom-based activities for K-12, participants will walk away with ideas for all ages and situations

“Moving Beyond Genius Hour: All day choice and voice (breakout session)”

Genius Hour and 20% time are great ways to give students the opportunity to make choices in their learning, but how can you make student agency more ubiquitous throughout your school day? How do you move beyond student choice “time” and make every minute student choice time? From ideas to get you started to planning time to make this a reality, this session will allow you to redesign your own classroom around student empowerment.

“Challenge Based Coaching: Getting every teacher to innovate (breakout session)”

More schools are investing in technology. However, providing devices without support can at best result in minor change in student outcomes and at worst harm them.  Teachers need the support on shifting their skillset AND mindset to fully realize the full impact of these tools. This takes more than a day of PD but rather a program that ongoing support AND addresses the need for a shift in thinking. This session will share successes from schools engaging in such a program and allow participants to explore how to positively impact their schools – and allow for systemic adoption of future-ready pedagogies.



Jennie Magiera is the Chief Program Officer for EdTechTeam working on equity in education initiatives, the co-founder / president of the non-profit the Student Voice Foundation, and the author of Courageous Edventures. Previously, she was the Chief Innovation Officer Des Plaines Public School District 62, the Digital Learning Coordinator for the Academy for Urban School Leadership and a Chicago Public Schools teacher. Jennie uses her classroom experiences to inform her work supporting educators to create new and better opportunities for their students. She believes that despite the many challenges facing schools today, every classroom can be a place for “edventures”: student-centered, passion-based experiential learning. Her work centers around acknowledging problems and finding innovative ways to navigate them so as to allow teachers and students dive into these classroom edventures.

Jennie is also passionate about reimagining professional learning to facilitate more relevant teacher support. She has served on the Technical Working Group for the US Department of Education’s National Educational Technology Plan and co-founded various new conference concepts such as PLAYDATE. She has been recognized for her work as a White House Champion for Change, Chicago Public Schools Innovator of the Year, TEDx Speaker, Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction, Apple Distinguished Educator, Google for Education Certified Innovator, and featured on various programs such as NBC’s Education Nation, C-SPAN’s Reimagining Education and NPR.

Jennie shares her experiences taking risks in the classroom and helping others to feel comfortable doing the same in her book, Courageous Edventures. You can follow her on Twitter at @MsMagiera and learn more about her work and her book at