Kasey Bell

Kasey will present three sessions on Thursday and Friday. Read more about those sessions below.

Be Dynamic and Shake Up Learning (Closing Keynote)

Who’s ready to shake up learning, and move BEYOND the traditional classroom? Let’s explore a framework for being disruptive, doing things differently, and empowering students for the future. It’s not all about technology, it’s about the LEARNING. This keynote will include powerful strategies and practical ideas to help educators Shake Up Learning!

Stranger Google! Crazy Tools from the Upside Down

I promise this isn’t scary! Most of us know of the Googley Goodness of G Suite for education, but did you know there is much, much more that Google offers for FREE! There are so many amazing, lesser-known tools for teachers and students. Join me in the Upside Down for some fantastic Google tools like AI Experiments, Made with Code, Google Easter Eggs, and many more! Walk away with a digital toolbox and easy classroom integration ideas.


Confessions of a Bad Teacher

 After 15 years in education, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons. I want to help other teachers avoid the pitfalls that I have fallen into. In this session, participants will learn my biggest technology integration tips, tips for planning, assessment strategies and more!


Top 10 Secrets of an Awesome Tech Coach

There are many different ways to help support, train, and coach teachers when it comes to digital learning. In this session, coaches will learn my best-kept secrets, including how to create meaningful PD, building relationships, tracking, tools, and more!


Do This, Not That – Dynamic Learning Makeovers

Move from static teaching to DYNAMIC LEARNING! In this session, we will take a look at some old-school static lessons and give them a dynamic learning makeover in a DO THIS, NOT THAT style. This session is based on ideas from Kasey’s new book, Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning From Static to Dynamic. Together we will shift from teacher-centered to student-centered strategies that integrate technology in meaningful ways and go beyond the traditional bounds of school.


Dynamic Learning with G-Suite

With collaborative tools like G Suite that are available 24/7, the learning doesn’t have to end when the bell rings. We can go beyond what was previously possible. This session is based on ideas from Kasey’s book, Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning From Static to Dynamic. Together, we will take a closer look at Dynamic Learning strategies supported by G Suite for Education, including lesson plans, free templates, and tons of ideas.





Kasey Bell is part sparkling smile, part witty personality and a whole heap of passion as big as a Texas–go big or go home, y’all! She is a disruptor of the boring. An engaging, innovative, from the heart sharer who inspires educators while transforming their teaching with original, timely and use-tomorrow ideas for student choice, differentiation, and technology integration.


Whether it is learning from home through online courses, professional development, conference workshops or as a keynote speaker Kasey is a relentless innovator of ideas and a devoted transformer of classrooms and teaching.


Through teacher empowering publications and award-winning educational resources at ShakeUpLearning.com, learner-driven workshops and presentations and co-hosting Google Teacher Tribe weekly podcast, Kasey proves why we should never settle for the boring when it comes to bringing out the very best in our students, and we should always strive to Shake Up Learning!



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