Patricia Brown will present three sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. Read more about the sessions below.

“iPads, More Than Just Apps- Unleash Student Creativity”

iPads are more than just apps, they are a tool to create with. Discover ways the iPad can transform student learning from consumption to creation through Apple’s Everyone Can Create curriculum.

“Get Rid of Testing! Instead, Let’s Celebrate Learning!” 

Come and learn how Edtech is Getting creative with Formative Assessments. 

There are many ways students can creatively show learning, in a timely and efficient manner. This session will demonstrate a few digital tools that help students celebrate their learning!

“Student engagement is a must! Tired of boring PowerPoint slides?”  

Tired of the glazed over looks you get while clicking through your PowerPoint lesson? Find out ways to present material to students in a visual manner that also allow them to “articulate” new concepts in a clear and intuitive ways. We will explore 5 ways to spice up your lessons and engage your students tomorrow!

“Let’s Get Connected! Twitter Made Easy for Educators”

Get connected with educators across the globe by finally creating that twitter account you’ve been talking about creating, add new edu-friends, find out how to expand your professional learning network and then be guided through a twitter chat.

“Augmented Reality! Experience, Explore & Create!”

Augmented Reality tools allow you to fuse the real world with the digital world. These tools can completely change your classroom experience.  This hands-on session will allow for participants to experiment with tools that can be used to augment your own classroom to create unique experiences for your students. What’s your reality?

“Amplify and Democratize student voice in the modern classroom using Video!”

Video can transform a classroom dynamic based on a modern form of communication.  In this session you will explore: the critical role of student voice in transforming your students, classroom, school, and community through building confidence, respect, and empowerment how to design learning environments that encourage students to share their perspectives, experiences, and cultural backgrounds, and how to amplify student voice – all using these amazing tools!”



Patricia J. Brown, known as “MsEdtechie”, is a Technology Specialist in St. Louis. She breaks down traditional classroom walls by creating a culture that fosters the 4C’s and authentic learning. She is an award winning educator, blogger, keynote presenter, and was named to the National School Board Association’s “20 to Watch” list for 2016. In Addition, she is a PBS Missouri Lead LearningMedia Digital Innovator, Google Certified Trainer & Innovator, and a 2018 ISTE TED Talk speaker. She is passionate about being a connected educator, and empowering teachers and students. She believes, preparing teachers will ultimately prepare students to compete in our global society through digital age teaching and learning. Follow Patricia on Twitter at @msEdtechie.