Tony Vincent

Tony will present three sessions on Wednesday and Thursday and one on Friday. Read more about the sessions below.

“Animate Learning with GIFs”

Bring content to life through animation! You probably know how to find exiting animated GIFs online, but how about creating your own? Teachers and students can create animated GIFs to grab attention, illustrate ideas, break down a process into steps, show a sequence, and make content memorable. Learn how to create your own animated GIFs about any subject with free online tools, including with Google Slides.

“Crafting a Class Brand”

Tony Vincent didn’t want his class to be known as Mr. Vincent’s Fifth Grade. Rather than making himself the mascot, he co-developed a class identity with his students. His 2018-2019 class called themselves Pixel Paws. Tony notes that when students rally around an authentic brand, they feel a strong sense of community, work harder, and achieve more. See the brand in action, understand how it was developed, and consider how you might give your class a unique identity.

“Create Learning Activities with Google Drawings”

Google Drawings is great for designing graphics, and it’s also a handy interactive whiteboard. Teachers are using this whiteboard in clever ways, and Tony Vincent has collected dozens of ideas. The kinds of activities include: fill-in, arranging, sorting, labeling, meme creation, and math manipulatives. Some activities are ones you’ll want to copy, modify, and give to your students. Others might serve as inspiration for making your own from scratch.

“Stellar Ideas for Physical and Digital Learning Spaces”

Tony Vincent returned to classroom teaching for the 2018-2019 school year. As a teaching and technology geek, he put his bank of innovative ideas and approaches to good use with his fifth graders. See the tricks, tweaks, and life hacks that improved the learning environment for Tony’s students. You’re invited to steal ideas for group roles, classroom lighting, wall decorations, online routines, student agency, and so much more.

“Plunge into Graphic Design for Educators”

Educators make visuals everyday—newsletters, social media posts, graphic organizers, flyers… Let’s jump into how you can captivate, inform, and inspire students, parents, and colleagues with the documents you design. Learn simple ways to give your designs a more polished and personalized look. Explore the value of arranging, aligning, and distributing. Discover where to find hand-picked color schemes, copyright friendly images, and delightful font combinations. Whether you prefer Google Slides, Google Drawings, Keynote, or PowerPoint, taking this plunge into visual design will give you ideas and tools to use any time you dive into creating a document.

“Electrify Any Lesson”

Turn a potentially boring lesson into a brilliant one! Make learning irresistible by hooking your students’ senses, connecting to background knowledge, telling stories, and building mysteries. Experience pixelated pictures, redacted text, research scrambles, locked content, customized Mad Libs, mystery maps, emoji prompts, and other inviting ways to captivate learners.

“Practical Pointers for YouTube”

YouTube is full of awesome videos, but you already knew that. You might not know about some of YouTube’s settings and features that can make it even more awesome for teaching and learning. Find out how to curate with playlists, refine searches, strip away distractions, use keyboard shortcuts, include time links, blur faces, search transcripts, and customize thumbnails. Also, see compelling ways to make video an active experience for students—whether you upload your own videos or use someone else’s.


Tony Vincent is a true teacher’s presenter. He knows what teachers want because he is a teacher himself. After years of self-employment as an education and technology presenter, Tony now teaches fifth grade in Council Bluffs, Iowa. While he’s proud to have lead workshops and presentations in almost all 50 states, empowering his students to be creative thinkers is his favorite professional accomplishment. Tony is a prolific sharer, approachable, and consistently selects practical tools and strategies that can be implemented right away. To see what Tony shares online, click on over to where you can explore his website and find his social media links. And, if you spend a little time with Tony, you’re likely to hear about his twins, who are now kindergartners.