Wanda Terral

Wanda will present three sessions on Wednesday and Thursday and one on Friday. Read more about those sessions below.

Stop-Motion Animation with Google Slides 

Slides is so much more than a presentation tool! In this session you will plan and create a short, stop-motion movie. This technique can make your students real animators just by using Google Slides. Most of the techniques could also be applied using Powerpoint.

Create Interactive Newsletters with Google Slides 

Google Slides is a great tool for layout design tool for a newsletter but it doesn’t have to be static. Add videos, images, links, and feed your creative side with artistic touches.

Make Your Own Chrome Extension

Even if you don’t know HTML & JavaScript, learn how to edit provided template files to make your own basic Chrome extension. To get hands-on you’ll need: a) computer (not a tablet), b) Google Chrome; c) a Google account that can go into Developer Mode (bit.ly/howtodevmode). 

Gobs of Google Goodies

Get dozens of ideas for using Google tools (& some non-Google resources) for increasing creativity, productivity, collaboration, and communication. This session moves quickly but you’ll get a doc of all resources shared so you can explore in more detail later. If you’ve attended this session in the past, expect many new items to be shared!

Leveraging Tech Tools to Save Time 

Saving a second here & there may not seem like it can make a difference but it really can – those seconds add up! This session will include: keyboard shortcuts; ideas for link curation; using templates; useful Chrome extensions & Add-ons; Gmail tips; spreadsheet formulas; and even a little bit of Google Apps Script. 

Getting to Know the ISTE Standards for Students

ISTE Standards are NOT yet another list of things you must cover in your limited instructional time. They CAN BE inspiration for ways to make lessons more engaging and student-centered while getting all learners future ready. This session will provide an overview of the standards and some ways to infuse them into your curriculum.

Building Data Dashboards Using Google Sheets 

Sheets is a great tool for organizing & analyzing data. This session will explore techniques for building dynamic dashboards that will help you understand your data – pivot tables; lookup & logic formulas; conditional formatting; charts & graphs; publishing & sharing a dashboard; and more. Note: Much of the information covered can also be applied in Excel.

Sketchnoting: Techniques for Visual Notetaking  

Even if you think you can’t draw, this session is for you. Get hands-on with some entry-points to visual notetaking you can use yourself and take back to your classroom to share with students.


Twenty-­three year educator Wanda Terral is the District Technology Coordinator for the Lakeland School System (TN). A former band director, Wanda is constantly seeking information relating to techniques & practices related to the use of tech to empower students and educators. A Google Certified Innovator & Trainer, she shares resources on Google+, Twitter, & her blog. She’s currently completing her dissertation in Instructional Design and Technology at the The University of Memphis, focusing on self-directed professional learning. When not spending time with her four cats, she is coding, listening to audiobooks, or sketchnoting.