GaETC is home to some of the most dedicated professionals in the education industry. Tell your story, inspire change, and gain a new following of experts and peers.

Apply to present ended May 15, 2024.  

VENDOR session applications opened May 15, 2024. 

*If you applied to present last year, use your existing credentials to login to the system.  If you are a new submitter, please click Create a Profile to create an account. 

Inspire Change


Introduce ideas, techniques, or new information and technology to a large audience of attentive professionals!

Share your Story 2


Provide a new perspective and platform for educators to improve their abilities, skills, and understanding.

Grow Your Recognition


With thousands of attendees, GaETC is the perfect venue to improve your recognition, following, and support.


GaETC is full of professionals who are committed to education, improvement, and the betterment of all students’ futures. Share your message with thousands of educators, leaders, and influencers in the education space.


The Georgia Educational Technology Conference provides educators and educational leaders the opportunity to learn about the latest in educational technology and offers a forum for discussion among professionals concerned with technology in education. GaETC offers almost 250 concurrent sessions, nationally known speakers and presenters, workshops focusing on the latest in technological innovations and software, and over 200 commercial exhibits featuring state-of-the-art technology. 


Do presenters get free admission and/or some type of payment for making a presentation?

A presenter receives one registration to attend GaETC. If a presenter submitted and was accepted for 2 or more presentations, he or she would only receive one free registration.

What should I do if I have two different ideas for presentations? That is, should I explain both ideas in one application, submit only one idea, or make two separate applications?

If you wish to propose more than one presentation, please submit a separate application for each presentation. Every effort will be made to select a variety of presenters and topics. Only proposals completed according to instructions will be considered. Do not submit a proposal unless you can present your session at any time during the conference. Sessions will be scheduled throughout the three days.

Assuming I was selected to present, how far ahead of time would I know on which day(s) I would present?

You will be asked to confirm that you are still willing and able to present at the date/time your presentation is scheduled. Changes to presentation dates/times cannot be made for individual presenters, there are over 350 sessions at GaETC and to move one session would result in someone else being asked to change the date/time of his/her session.

Who do I contact if I have a question about applying to present at GaETC?

We are here to help! Please email

What if I am a vendor, can I apply to present at GaETC?

If you are a vendor, this is not the correct application. Please visit the Vendor Apply to Present link that will be posted May15th.