The Circuit Lounge

The Social Media Lounge, which is located in the Exhibit Hall, has been rebranded as the Circuit Lounge! Here, you’ll find a variety of “Byte Size” sessions and a location for collaboration on a variety of topics.  To learn more and see what is scheduled, see our schedule! 

The AppMazing Race

What is the AppMazing Race? It’s a fun and silly team-based game for conference attendees that encourages participants to use a variety of apps and sites to complete tasks that vary in point values. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the conference wins! In the event of a tie, those judging the entrees will base their final decision on the creativity of the submissions.

For 2019, there are FAR fewer challenges and NEW options for teams of two to participate.  The details for this year’s AppMazing Race are ready and you can register now! Check the 2019 AppMazing Race & Photo Scavenger Hunt website, Twitter and Facebook for when the the game details are ready. 


Photo Scavenger Hunt

Just like last year, this individual game will begin on the opening day of the conference and is found in the conference app.  There will be multiple categories of images to “snap” and extra points will be awarded for creativity by those judging the entries.   This game is not about speed.  Yes, there’s a leaderboard and who doesn’t want to see their name on the top? However, the leaderboard is only an indication of your progress as points are awarded automatically. Adhering to the rules and creativity are what counts!  Just because you’re on top of the leaderboard doesn’t ensure you a win in this game.


A Few Simple Rules

  1. First and most important – Have Fun!!
  2. The only images that will be accepted are those taken with your device or created, as designated by a challenge, such as a collage.  No images copied from the Internet will be accepted for any challenge.  
  3. You can’t submit images used by another competitor.  Some of the challenges are time specific, such as those that may need to be taken during Wednesday night’s reception or the opening Keynote.  Read through all of the challenges early so you can plan ahead to get the perfect image.
  4. If your image violates one of the rules above, it may be deleted, costing you points in the competition.


Sticker Hunt

Who doesn’t love a sticker, right? This year, you can collect up to 5 unique stickers at the GaETC 2019 Conference!  These stickers will also be integrated into the Photo Scavenger Hunt and the AppMazing Race! Below is our schedule for Sticker Giveaways.  They will begin at the times shown below until we run out.  We’ll update the linked site and also send out updates in the app and via Twitter to let you know WHERE to go and what the secret password is.  You should have an opportunity to earn all but one sticker twice.  To see the sticker designs, please visit our GaETC Transform Your Learning Game site!


  • Wednesday from 10:15 – Location and Password, TBD
  • Wednesday from 11:00 – Location and Password TBD
  • Wednesday 2:45 – Location and Password TBD
  • Wednesday 4:00 – Location and password TBD
  • Reception – Costume Required!


  • Thursday, 7:30 – Location and Password TBD
  • Thursday 9:00 – Location and Password TBD
  • Thursday 3:45 – Location and Password TBD


  • Any remaining stickers will be given away Friday. Times and locations are TBD.