The Mission of Meals of Hope is “Communities coming together to end hunger!” We believe it is our job to feed people. Meals of Hope began as a food packing organization, and it is the only food packing organization with a priority on keeping the food packed within the United States. There are five meals specifically designed for the American palate with added vitamins, minerals and proteins to supplement an unbalanced diet. More than 15,000 volunteers and six full-time staff members assist Meals of Hope in achieving its Mission.

GaETC Attendees Give Back to Georgia through Meals of Hope

This is a great food-packaging program has been a part of GaETC for several years. It’s a great service project for all our attendees! Together we are serving the local community while building teamwork.

At GaETC 2018, meals were packaged for more than 35,000 people! The food donations are distributed to local county agencies for needy children and their families through the Atlanta Food Bank. The packaged meals consist of five dry ingredients; beans, rice, vegetables, soy protein, vitamins and minerals. Thank you to everyone and we look forward to another successful event!