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What is a Premium Master Class?

Premium Masterclasses are designed to allow attendees to participate in extended, in-depth, hands-on learning experiences with personalized coaching from an experienced instructional coach. Masterclasses are an additional fee and space is limited.

Masterclasses will kickoff during GaETC Connect (November 12-14)  and will include an additional 3-4 live sessions over the next 4 weeks. All Kickoff sessions are scheduled for Thursday, November 12 8:30 – 9:20 pm. Participants will receive a micro-credential for completion of Masterclass activities. All of the content in Masterclasses will be available through January 31, 2021.

Masterclass Fees

$75.00 per person with a limit of one Masterclass per person. All Masterclass attendees must be registered for GaETC Connect as well.

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     2020 GaETC Connect Masterclass Descriptions

Connected Learning Design & Development

Instructional design can feel like a daunting two-word, six-syllable phrase. Without carefully unpacking what it entails, it leaves a lot of us wondering how we’re supposed to put it into practice. The not-so-secret secret is that we already do it everyday when we design pathways to connect learners to content, key understandings, and their community. Teachers are instructional designers by default, and we specialize in it through our practice. This masterclass will lead you through the process of design and developing for a connected classroom, highlighting strategies that build executive functioning skills for students while making virtual classroom management easier for you.

Content includes materials on Building & Creating an Online Course, Blended Learning, and Digital Collaboration Tools.

Connected Learning Experience Essentials

Being thrown into the deep end can be exhilarating. But, it can also be terrifying. Whether or not you’ve found yourself in this position recently, as a modern educator, it is essential to understand and adapt in order to create meaningful and robust learning experiences for students of all ages. In order to do this, educators must consider ways to provide flexible content, individual paths, learner voice, authentic and adaptive assessment, dynamic communication, and mastery dispositions – the essential conditions of personalized learning. This masterclass will help you find ways to transfer those best practices to an online setting.

Content includes materials on fundamentals of Personalized Learning & Executive Functioning, Individual Learner Path & Growth Mindset, Student Voice, Collaboration, & Communication, and Assessment, Flexible Content & Mastery Disposition.

Connected Learning for Littles

Making and creating are the core of the human experience. Young children are known to marvel in exploration and creation through play, collaboration, and socialization. Educators have to be innovative and engaging to support young minds in a virtual and face-to-face environment. It is essential to allow students to develop their creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills while playing and socializing. In order to achieve this educators must consider ways to provide rich and engaging Maker and Project-Based learning experiences. The Connected Learning for Littles Masterclass is designed to help educators learn new and innovative practices around Maker centered and Project-Based learning giving students the ability to design and build, acquire news skills such as critical thinking collaboration, communication, and creating new ways of thinking about the world around them. 

Content includes materials on Maker Education, Curriculum Connections, Digital Making, and Making to Serve, Project Based Learning, and Planning & Assessing in a Project-Based Learning environment.

Connected Social Emotional Learning

Virtual learning has a significant impact on the social and emotional wellness of our students. SEL is best supported through positive interactions and relationships between students
and teachers. The Connected Social Emotional Learning Masterclass is designed to help teachers promote social and emotional wellness in a predominantly digital environment. While the strategies in this guide are geared towards the virtual classroom, they are also relevant and applicable during face-to-face learning. The five core SEL competencies explored in this masterclass are Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness, Relationship skills, and Responsible decision-making.

Content includes materials on Social and Emotional Wellness in Virtual and face-to-face learning, Empathy, Communication & Listening, Collaboration, and Understanding SEL as an Educator.

Engaged Learning in a Connected Environment

Whether you need help sparking your students’ interests through Zoom or deploying Maker strategies virtually, this masterclass is designed to nudge teachers to the edge of their comfort zones to create more engaged and meaningful learning experiences. Teachers naturally give students plenty of opportunities to engage with each other by sharing their opinions, experiences, and perspectives. Well now is the opportunity to understand how to support students with engaging and innovative opportunities! The Engaged Learning in a Connected Environment is designed to help educators learn new and innovative practices around Maker centered learning and Technology Integration giving students the ability to design, build, and acquire news skills. 

Content includes materials on Maker Education, Curriculum Connections, Digital Making, and Making to Serve, Digital Collaboration Tools, Blended Learning, and Content Curation.

Supporting the Connected Classroom

For Media Specialists and Coaches

Now that many schools have transitioned to digital learning, it is especially important that coaches are prepared to support teachers virtually. While coaching looks different in a virtual world, the need is still just as high. If virtual coaching can remain focused on identifying areas of growth, setting goals, and evaluating progress, then it won’t matter the format it takes. It’s essential to understand the how of virtual coaching support through building relationships, creating meaningful professional development, and establishing an understanding of a school vision to best support coaching. In this masterclass, participants will focus on Jim’s Knight Impact Cycle, how to build coaching relationships, and creating purposeful professional development for virtual coaching while making the virtual world easier for you and teachers to manage.

Content includes materials on Introduction to Coaching, Building Coaching Relationships, Flipped and Purposeful Professional Development, and Collaborative Vision.